How to Run

How to Run

Tips on how to run

In todays society health and fitness have a very important place. With this growing awareness people are now positively tending to shift towards sports and healthy activities. It is not necessary to spend hours and hours in a gym working out. Running is said to be one complete exercise which activates all your muscle together, that’s what makes it one of the most preferred training exercises.

Either in the morning or in the evening whenever the time allows for it, a casual jog for 15-20 minutes provides a good work out. Though running may seem very easy there are certain things to be taken care of. There are proper postures and certain characteristics to be considered while running. People tend to think its easy as it only involves putting one foot in front of the other and that there is no “Wrong Way”. Running without proper form and method can be quite deterrent to your health and if done incorrectly for a longer duration can cause irreversible harm to your body. Here are some basic principles which should be easy to remember but hard to get right without thinking about it:

Position of head with respect to shoulders

Whenever we walk we tend to look around and move our head unconsciously. Such random motions should be held to a minimum while running. During a run the position of your head should be straight and relaxed, this reduces strain on your neck or shoulders. Looking down while running is a common habit for novice runners, but this can cause neck and shoulder pain which mainly manifest some time after the run and can be quite bothersome. Hence you should take great care that your head is in a straight position.

Relaxed shoulders

While walking people tend to keep their shoulders tight or hunched which is not fine. Most of the time they imitate the same mistake while running. With hunched shoulder it becomes difficult to run which further leads to back and shoulder pain. Therefore keep your shoulders relaxed and straight while running. This removes the possibility of later shoulder pain and also reduces stress on your overall back.

Arm position

Positioning your arms correctly is a very vital part of running. You can’t leave them hanging freely or move them uncontrolled during a run, it is necessary to keep them in sync with your running rhythm and flow. This synchronization is achieved only when the arms are at about 90 degrees. Keeping arms haywire without maintaining the angle may disturb the running posture and lead to uneven muscle stress.

Leg movement

Running must be done in a relaxed way but not too relaxed, you should always focus your mind on the movement and optimize it constantly. But on the other side one shouldn’t be too stiff and rigorous while running as well. In the end it is a relaxing activity which should be done smoothly while relaxing all parts of your body. While running, don’t lift your legs too high, keeping them at a low level is enough. Lifting your feet too high causes unnecessary muscle strain and should be avoided.