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Running Schedule

Why you should have a running schedule?

A rigourous Training plan is necessary if your goal is to run for 30-40 minutes in a consistent matter. If you wish to build up good stamina and good efficiency you need a strict plan and a good training program.

One needs a lot of determination patience and above all consistency to achive her or his running goals. Without any of these it is impossible to develop a good running routine with good efficiency and strength buildup. Depending on your current fitness your personal program should start with casual walks and slowly transition to a disciplined run. You cannot force yourself to run directly if you cant do so for atleast 10 minutes. You build your strength step by step, with each step your running technique is evolved as well as your overall fitness. Skipping or missing a step in this journey can lead to long lasting health problems. Hence it is very important to be patient during the entire process. If you actually wish to be very efficient in running or if you wish to prepare for a good run or marathon you must follow these running schedules very sincerely and consistently. Missing a day or two may not lead to problems directly but it may drag the entire process down.

Though it is a running schedule walking has an important place in it. The entire thing starts with walking and then gradually improves to running. There are various parameters to be taken care of. We have to build stamina and not just exert body putting it through all these efforts. Stay calm and patient and keep working with positive thoughts. Make small targets, achieve them and then move on to bigger ones. For example start with 2 miles, practice and work to sustain this and once this is done only then increment your goal. Start with achieving smaller goals. This will enable you to reach your final goals faster. Not only will it help you to increase your efficiency in running but it will also help you maintain an healthy lifestyle, it will help you build your physique, it will tone your body and keep you fit. Research surveys that good amount of run every day keeps pulse rate at a very good level and removes alot of toxics from your body. Here are some optimum rules to keep a productive running schedule:

  • Start with basics. If you are not in touch with any exercises or not accustomed to running don’t jump directly to higher stretch. Start slow. Start with a single step. Be consistent with it and with time increase it. Start with a walk further shift it to jogging.
  • Set a particular time. Fix it for sure and don’t ever shuffle it for any reason. Be consistent with the time and your running schedule , because eventually the body adapts it that way which further helps a lot. Run that particular time. Set everyday goals and try achieving them. See to it that your goals are achievable and not very big to throw you in trouble
  • Be patient. Even if you fail in beginning it is fine. Don’t expect good results always. Even if you get bad ones they are good lessons. Be positive and keep consistently. Stick to your running training plan in determined way.