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Why Running Training is so important

We live in a world driven by new technology and people are completely addicted to it. Science Fiction predicts a dim future, humanity is dependent on technology and general fitness declines. The number of recorded cases of back pains, neck pains, blood pressure issues and similar illnesses skyrocket the recent past, especially young people start to suffer from ailments like the ones mentioned above at a far earlier time in their life.

People truly have forgotten the importance of moving around and keeping them fit. Regular Running training, jogging and doing any kind of physical workout is quite rare in todays society. This can be attributed to the ease of getting things done without leaving your home. Shopping, buying groceries, entertainment, all of these things can be done from home today, that’s what makes laziness very attractive.

Kids of the age of 6 these days have an expensive phone to use, which has made them get addicted to it and has seen to it that kids only waste their time in it. There was a time when the playgrounds around us were filled with kids running, cycling, and interacting with another. Kids always wanted to stay outside the house to play and enjoy and have a good time and parents had to push their kids, literally push them inside the house. Now it is unfortunate to see parents trying to push their kids outside the house to play that is of course, if they find the time to do that.

Kids between the ages of 6-14 do not know what it is to be outside the house and interact with another. Their interaction activities are restricted to social networking sites and instant messengers over the phone. Which raises the question whether all of this technological advancement was worth it also or not? At the young age of theirs, they should be banned from such devices for their own good and should learn what it is to step outside the house as well.

Not only kids but adults have been affected by this as well. People would rather expensive gym memberships instead of going out for a jog of 4 kilometers. With the fast moving nature that people have developed and gotten addicted to shallow social statuses, number of people getting hooked on to devices is increasing every day. A simple 30 minutes’ walk early morning is more beneficial, much more beneficial than spending half the day in front of the computer at work and half at gym exerting yourself more than what is required to just be healthy.