Ladies Running ShoesOriginal by SJ Baren

Shopping for ladies running shoes can get a little stressful. This is particularly true for anyone who is just starting to get into running/jogging. You want to start things off properly, and you want to wear shoes that are going to provide you with comfort, and perhaps a little nod to your sense of style. Even if you have an idea of what you want in those areas, the sheer volume of possibilities is going to overwhelm you a little. Simply put, there are just tons and tons of running shoes for ladies on the market. You don’t want to waste your time and money on something that isn’t going to do you any favors.

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Half Marathon Training Plan for BeginnersOriginal by Marvin Ronsdorf

Intermediate runners can prepare for a marathon in sixteen weeks. Beginners will need sixteen weeks for a half marathon. A half marathon is twenty one kilometers and ninety eight meters or thirteen miles & seventeen hundred and sixty yards. Here is a comprehensive half marathon training plan for beginners spanning sixteen weeks. This guide focuses only on exercises or the entire training routine, not diet or other essential aspects of health.

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Marathon Training ScheduleOriginal by ben stern

Every once in a while whether through sports, causes, or events humans realize the power of unity and the ability of the remarkable species on earth. One of the most famous games is the marathon that draws in millions of people from different backgrounds, color, caste, religion, and geographical differences.

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Weight Training WorkoutsOriginal by Victor Freitas

With the risk of health issues increasing in every age group many have taken to join the gym while others try to squeeze in time to workout at least an hour at home. Many bloggers and personal trainers have started to provide information regarding the various methods and routines to begin working out either at home or the gym. But most people get the wrong idea or details about starting as a beginner.

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