Weight Training WorkoutsOriginal by Victor Freitas

With the risk of health issues increasing in every age group many have taken to join the gym while others try to squeeze in time to workout at least an hour at home. Many bloggers and personal trainers have started to provide information regarding the various methods and routines to begin working out either at home or the gym. But most people get the wrong idea or details about starting as a beginner.

The foundation of any venture must begin with thorough research and understanding of the subject matter, especially when it concerns weight training workouts. You cannot just join a gym and start randomly from any level of exercise program, as it requires a systematic process of building up muscles, generating energy to endure the long workout regimes, balancing the body to adjust and evenly distribute the flow of stamina to every part of the body when working out. Without a properly planned out workout program, there are many ways you can injure yourself before you even start.

As you may be well aware, it is crucial to keep a close watch on what you put inside your mouth when in the process of following an exercise regime. Many people had the wrong notion that they could eat, as they like when starting the exercise regime because they felt that the entire hectic workout would compensate for their eating habits. However, you must understand that your body does not function that way, to lose the extra pound sometimes you have to sacrifice and compromise the sweet delicacies and for once focus on setting a goal to achieve. You will find hundreds of healthy and fresh organic recipes of food on many social networking sites meant for people who are on a diet and following specific exercise regimes. You are not alone in the fight to get a toned body and a healthy lifestyle; many people from across every country in the world are striving every day to fulfil their set of routine and become fit.

When you decide to start working out, it is crucial to have proper knowledge about the various do’s and don’ts as a beginner. Adjusting your body to the workout regimes, building the stamina, balancing your body to lift the weight of the dumbbells and barbell are some of the constant pointers to keep in mind and must develop as you progress in your weight training workouts. For beginners, it is always confusing the first time they enter the gym or have no idea about which exercise routine or machine to start. The weight training workouts are ideal for every health conscious person by starting their exercise routine as it helps to promote lean muscle, build up strength, lose weight, and ensure the fitness of the overall body function. It is advisable to set specific short-term goals when you start out, as it will keep things exciting and motivate you throughout the process and once you achieve the first set of the target you can map out even higher and intense workouts as your next aim. Setting such goals has proven to be an excellent source of inspiration and reason for many people to push forward in their race to fulfil it.

Weight training includes a variety of exercises that devote to increasing overall body strength by using strong resistance, outlandish training, or weights. There is a stark difference between bodybuilding and weight training exercises even if it both concentrates on increasing strength of the body. Some basic weight training workouts based on the different body type, performance level, and types of equipment are-

Working with free weights

This form of exercise does not require any attachment to a surface or machine, and people can freely move when working on it. Some of the best examples are using dumbbells and barbell by moving them openly from one point to another without any such support. The advantages of free weights are:

  • Since the object does not attach to anything, it enables you to move independently according to the flow of the body, and you can maintain a natural balance.

  • By having control over the whole body, you can keep the stability of the movement as well as use specific additional muscles that are usually unused.

  • The free weights routine helps you to work freely in a natural way without having to imitate different exercise steps.

  • It does not need any additional or expensive machines; anyone can start the regime at work without taking up much space.

Exercise for body weight

This form of exercise is even simpler and freer than free weights routine, as it requires only the energy and resistance provided by the strength of your body. It involves moving your body from one point to another instead of moving the dumbbell or barbell. Some examples of the body weight routine are pull-ups, dips, push-ups, chin-ups, etc. Its advantages are:

  • Similarly, this form of exercise gives you the freedom to move freely and do not restrict your body in a position that is uncomfortable for you to perform.

  • It also helps in waking up and making use of those muscle parts that are usually untouched or idle.

  • The whole workout follows a natural flow and does not need you to exaggerate the moves.

Working out using machines

When using machines to work out, it stabilises the weight of your body in a rigid path. This form of exercise entails you to move from one point to another while being supported by the weight of the machine. Its advantages include:

  • Using machinery devices to workout is the easiest way to know about exercising, as it requires you to grab the handles and move in the only direction that the machine would move or allow. It is ideal for beginners as it helps them to learn the various steps without confusion.

  • When using controlled equipment, the risks are far less for injury, as opposed to the workout routines like body weight and free weight regimes.